Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners can attempt to remove negative reviews themselves, but their success rate is unlikely to match that of Vexar Medical’s. Vexar Medical has experience in the area, having submitted successful removals of thousands of reviews. Some platforms have a “one and done” policy, and presenting a strong case the first time is highly recommended. Engaging the services of a lawyer is another alternative, but most do not operate on a “no win no fee” model and may lack experience in these specific areas.

We prioritise physically removing unwanted content from the website it is on. If it’s not possible, we’ll offer other reputation management strategies to hide or mitigate the content. You won’t be charged a removal fee if we can’t remove the content.

We will provide regular updates on the removal progress and the chances of success. If the content remains after 60 days, we will offer you three options. First, we may inform you of our intended strategy for continued attempts if there’s still a chance of success and give you the option of extending the time window. Second, if we exhaust all options for outright removal, we may offer alternative options to mitigate the damage. These will always be optional, and the decision to pursue them is up to you. Lastly, if the content is not removed within 60 days, we will offer you a full refund of your removal fees.

We can remove any content that can be uploaded to the internet. User-generated content such as reviews, blog or forum postings, and malicious images or videos are the most common types we remove.

The platform’s content policies are the determining factor for whether a review is legitimate or not. Platforms prefer to keep reviews up, but they will remove them if they violate their policies. Business owners should consider what makes a review truly legitimate, as a real author and customer does not exempt it from being removed if it is abusive, harassing, or lacks real information. Platforms have the right to request that their users follow some rules to provide a quality experience for everyone.

Some content is difficult to remove due to the organisations controlling the site it’s published on. News publications, government sites, and official organisations are unlikely to remove factually accurate content. Our focus is on removing unfair or unwarranted, inaccurate or dishonest, fake, illegal, or harassing content that targets your business or staff.

All removals are done legitimately, with content being removed willingly by the publishing website or the host. We don’t hack into anything or bribe publishers. We submit a detailed application and manage ongoing correspondence with publishers to remove the content.

Negative reviews serve a purpose in warning others about a business’s shortcomings. However, it is a common misconception that Vexar Medical will remove any negative reviews for a fee. In reality, review platforms decide which reviews violate their policies and will remove them. We present a detailed submission to the platforms, requesting review analysis and determination of whether it should be removed or not. The success of removing illegitimate reviews is based on our expertise in presenting a convincing case to the platforms.

We don’t typically contact the person who left the review. We’ll discuss with you first and only move forward with your approval if we believe it’s necessary or helpful.

Responding publicly to a negative review can make the removal process more difficult. We may ask you to remove your response during the removal process, but you can save it and add it back later if the removal is unsuccessful.

The cost of removing negative content varies depending on the website and nature of the content. You only pay if the content is successfully removed, and we offer discounts for multiple removals. We provide quotes on the same day and there is no risk or commitment to requesting a quote.

The time it takes to remove content depends on the website and nature of the content. It can take as little as 24-48 hours or up to 60 days for difficult cases. The average removal time is 2-3 weeks, and if we fail to remove the content within 60 days, you will receive a full refund. We also offer an Urgent Processing option for removals that must be completed within 30 days.

Vexar Medical cannot remove all bad reviews unless they violate the platform’s policies or are proven to be fake. For businesses with many negative reviews, only a portion may be eligible for removal, and legitimate negative reviews will remain. Trust in reviews is essential, but the anonymous nature of reviews means that they often lack evidence, making it difficult to trust the validity of reviews. Our goal in removing illegitimate reviews is to increase trust by promoting genuine reviews that are compliant with platform policies.

Previous attempts at removing the content may make our job more difficult, but in most cases, we can still remove the content even if previous attempts have failed. We do not charge for unsuccessful removals, so there is no risk in letting us attempt the removal.

We continually monitor the status of the content and inform you when it’s successfully removed. Removal is permanent, and it’s rare for the content to reappear. If it does come back, we will work to remove it again as per the original agreement. Some websites may temporarily remove the content while evaluating whether to permanently remove it, and we will inform you of these situations.

Fairness in the context of reviews is determined by the platforms and their content policies. Reviews that pass their policies are deemed fair, while those that do not are subject to removal. Business owners may still find this system unfair, as reviews can cause damage before they can be challenged and potentially removed. Consumers can fight for their right to post fair reviews, but businesses suffer the most from unfair reviews, losing revenue and reputation. Vexar Medical’s services help business owners fight back against unfair attacks, but consumers still have the upper hand.

We believe that consumers should not be solely relied upon to differentiate between real and fake reviews, as research has shown that people struggle to identify fake reviews. Even if a negative review is obviously fake, it still has the potential to harm a business’s overall rating, which can be detrimental to their success. Leaving all reviews to stand unchallenged would destroy the value of platforms for everyone, as businesses suffer from the very worst of the unregulated internet. Our approach is to challenge platforms to enforce their own policies to ensure the remaining reviews are useful and informative to everyone.

Small business owners are significantly impacted by negative reviews, not just financially but also emotionally. Running a business is often a significant part of their life, and to be attacked publicly, especially unfairly and anonymously, can be a bitter experience. Small business owners feel powerless to do anything about fake reviews, and it can be frustrating and anger-inducing. It is difficult not to take it personally, and without support from happy customers, small business owners can feel deflated. Unfortunately, the anonymity of posting from within one’s living room can disconnect people from the reality of what they are doing.

Establishing strong relationships with referrers takes time and consistency. Effective campaigns must be carried out over a 12-18 month period.

We advise and set up specific Practice Management Software based on your practice’s exact requirements.

The Reputation Monitoring Software can be set up within 24 hours per site.